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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
  This is funny (from a Yahoo! news story):

The somber statistic [116 KIA in occupation vs. 115 KIA in invasion) -- no reliable figures are available for the many more Iraqis killed in the conflict -- underlines the scale of the resistance that U.S. forces have stirred since they burst into Iraq more than seven months ago.

Oh, yeah. It's been tough. We've lost (in, what, six months?) two hundred and thirty one people. Holy cow! That's almost as many as we lost in one skirmish of the Civil War! That's almost 1/32 of how many we lost at Iwo Jima! How can we win? How? It's all over!

I've said it before; I'll say it again. A true resistance would cause thousands of deaths in six months time. This sort of resistance is barely street crime. What this shows is not that we're facing serious resistance, but the opposite- we're facing weak, badly coordinated resistance from some of the bitter enders of the Baathist party. Has anyone else noticed that there have been few major demonstrations anymore? That the violence is all in one region?

As Sherlock Holmes put it, it's the dog that didn't bark that is interesting here. 
  Violence against war!

Yet another reason to pull out of South Korea. 
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